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Afro wine glass embellished

Afro wine glass embellished

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Introducing our stunning 10 oz blinged Afro diva wine glass, the perfect addition to any wine lover's collection. This glass features a gorgeous Afro diva design that will stand out on any table or bar. The intricate details of the design are hand blinged with a combination of acrylic and glass gem stones, ensuring that every glass is a unique and beautiful work of art. Pretty sipping Afro diva on a 10oz wine glass embellished with gems.

Not only is this wine glass a beautiful statement piece, but it is also highly functional. The 10 oz size is perfect for a generous pour of your favorite wine, and the stem ensures that your wine stays at the perfect temperature while you enjoy it.

Whether you're treating yourself or giving a gift to a special someone, this blinged Afro diva wine glass is sure to delight. It's perfect for birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion. So why wait? Add a touch of glamour to your wine drinking experience with this stunning glass today!

Care Instructions and about product:

  1. DO NOT use abrasive scrubs on your tumbler. Only use a soft sponge or cloth to clean it.
  1. DO NOT freeze or microwave your tumbler as it may cause damage to the product.
  1. DO NOT soak your tumbler in water. Hand-wash it gently with a mild detergent and rinse thoroughly.
  1. DO NOT put your tumbler in your dishwasher as the high temperature and harsh chemicals may damage the product.
  1. DO NOT USE abrasive and harsh detergents/chemicals as they can cause scratches or damage the surface of your tumbler.
  1. This tumbler is not microwavable.

Shipping Information:

  1. Your item will be shipped out before or upon the allotted time. Please note that shipping time is not included in the processing time
  1. Colors displayed on different screens may vary. However, we ensure that our colors are vibrant and beautiful.

Place your order today and enjoy your new tumbler, we guarantee that you won't regret your purchase.

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