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20oz African American Woman in Chunky Mustard Scarf

20oz African American Woman in Chunky Mustard Scarf

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20oz Double Wall Stainless Steel White Tumbler – a masterpiece that combines elegance and functionality. This exquisite tumbler is more than just drinkware item; it's a fashion statement and a lifestyle accessory. A beautiful woman wearing a chunky mustard scarf sipping on tea.

Adorning the surface of this pristine white tumbler is a captivating image of a beautiful African American woman. She is adorned in a Chunky Mustard Scarf with Teal Accents, holding a matching teacup and sipping with grace and sophistication. This striking visual represents the perfect blend of style and substance. She is beautiful in a chunky mustard scarf sipping a hot beverage

Stay refreshed and chic wherever you go with our double wall stainless steel tumbler. Whether you're enjoying your morning coffee, sipping on herbal tea, or indulging in your favorite beverage, this tumbler ensures your drink stays at the ideal temperature. 

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